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Welcome to Sedona Family Vacation!

Experience Relaxation and Adventure in Sedona

Perfect for families and friends, our vacation rental home in Sedona offers 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and stunning views in every room.

Our amenities include a heated pool and spa, private balcony for breathtaking sunsets, BBQ and outdoor dining, baby essentials, and kid-friendly activities.

Experience the Luxury

Get the best of Sedona with our vacation rental home.

Heated Pool & Spa

Unwind in our heated pool and spa while taking in the beautiful views of Sedona.

Private Balcony for Sunset

Relax on your private balcony and watch the breathtaking sunsets over Sedona’s red rocks.

BBQ and Outdoor Dining

Enjoy a delicious BBQ with your loved ones in our outdoor dining area.

Baby Essentials and Kids Friendly Activities

Traveling with little ones? We got you covered.

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About us

Hi there! I’m Yiyi. My wife and I, along with our two kids, live in the beautiful Evergreen State. We fell in love with Sedona during our first visit and are thrilled to now call this stunning place home. We’re excited to share this amazing experience with you and hope to make you feel right at home here! Having traveled extensively and stayed in vacation rentals ourselves, we constantly strive to improve the stay experience. With Sedona Family Vacation, you can trust us to treat you like family and ensure you have the best experience possible.